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Beginner Photography Course - £99.00 - next date TBC

10am - 3pm at our studio in Stockwood - MAX 6 places

  • Do you have a great camera but don't know how to use it? 

  • Are you stuck on automatic?

  • Do you wish you could take incredible photographs of

    your pets or children? 

  • Do you struggle with lighting and composition?

  • Would you like to build your knowledge and be more


Getting good lighting


Learn about light, where to find

the best light and how to get flattering photos.

Learning about composition


Learn the basic rules of composition and where to place our subject

Understand your camera


Understanding shutter speeds, correct exposure, aperture settings and what they mean.


We get told this all the time, so we have put together a full day of training just for you!


It will be full day of practical learning, at our studio in Stockwood with lunch provided and copious amounts of tea and coffee.


On the course we will cover:-





This photography course is for beginners and those stuck on automatic mode, it is a one-day Bristol indoor/outdoor course to learn the basics of photography and put you more in control of the common features and settings of your own camera.


This course is delivered at a location in Bristol, using a model we will set you projects in which you can demonstrate and practice your understanding.  We will use indoor and outdoor locations for you to practice your camera functions and settings.


The course is suitable for most types of digital SLR cameras.


Contact us HERE to be added to the waiting list for the next course.

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