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TOP SIX Things to Look For When Choosing a Brand Photographer

You are building your business, it’s going well but you are finding it hard to keep on top of your social media and your website images are out-of-date. What to post? What images to choose? How do I get myself and my brand ‘out there’?

You have the ideas on how to market your business but without professional images you are a bit stuck. Yes, you can purchase stock images, but you know they are not ideal, they don’t tell the story of you, your brand, your business, YOUR journey. You need show off your uniqueness, portray your own personal and business brand values.

You know you should really commission a professional branding photographer, but it’s hard to find the right one. It’s also scary thinking about having your photograph taken, you are worried about your smile, bum, arms, belly, hair, clothes, the list goes on.

Choosing the right photographer for you is not an easy task, there are so many branding photographers out there, different styles, different prices, how do you find the right one for you?

Here are six things I recommend you think about….

Connection A good photographer will want to have a chat with you before you book. This is called a pre-consultation. You can discuss ideas, concepts, goals, concerns and anything that might be on your mind.

This is also the ideal time to see if you and your potential photographer have a connection, during your consultation, focus on how your photographer makes you feel.

~ Do you feel comfortable and relaxed?

~ Do you feel like he or she understands you and your vision?

~ Do you feel confident in yourself and his or her ability to make you look your best?

~ Do you like them and get on with them? Like their personality?

If so, it’ll definitely show in your photos!

What’s included?

Find out a little bit more about what is included in your brand photography shoot.

~ Does your photographer offer a pre shoot consultation and what does that include?

~ What deliverables will you get?

~ Will the images be high resolution?

~ How will they be delivered to you and when?

~ What else will you receive?

My clients get a hand holding service with full pre shoot consultation, visual exercises with pose and expression guidance on the day. Other deliverables that I provide are video clips, graphics, promotional show reels? Ask for a full list of what is included in what you are paying.


While any good photographer will be able to listen to your vision and try to capture it, it’s best to choose a photographer whose previous work resonates with you. Every photographer has a unique style. Are you looking for classic and sophisticated branding photos? Or is your look more bright and colourful? Ideally ask to see a full gallery of a couple of shoots, not just a selection of their best images.


Just like going on holiday, check out testimonials and reviews of previous clients. It’s good to see the experience that others have had with your potential photographer and will give you a good insight into what it is like to work with them.

Think about the future

As you and your business evolve, you’ll want to update your bank of photographs to best reflect the natural evolution of your business and to keep your online presence fresh.

Does your potential photographer offers a monthly or quarterly photo shoot package to regularly update your photos? It takes time to build a good relationship and you don’t want to start all over again if this is a service they do not offer.


While we all have a budget to work to, you do get what you pay for. These images are going to be around for a long time, portraying you and your brand. They have to be right. Plus they are going to help you grow your own business and bring in more money for you, so it’s worthwhile investing as much as you can. Our packages range from £395 through to £2k for yearlong cover, so there is something for every budget.

For something as important as your brand, don’t just look for someone who will get the job done for the lowest price, you need an experienced professional who can assist you in representing your unique persona and vision. Someone you are going to invest heavily in, but someone who is going to save you time and make you money!

The investment into yourself and your brand is the most important investment ever.

For more help or guidance about booking your branding session, please do get in touch.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Sarah :)

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