Your baby is no longer a baby any more.  Time is flying by faster than you like to admit and before you know it they are off to University and you realise that you missed them growing up.  

You missed the last time they sat on your lap for a cuddle, you missed the last time you washed their hair, you are missing everything but you don't realise you are missing it until it's too late.


We all remember to document our babies first year and some of us (not all of us!) even remember their 2nd & 3rd birthdays, but after that, life takes over, we are busy, there are after school clubs, Scouts, football games, ballet lessons, the list is endless, we always think we'll get around to doing it but we rarely do.


Our fine art sessions are perfect for older children, they don't want cheesy grins and silly props, they want to be models for the day and end up with amazing, timeless images that they will adore for years to come and show off to their children and grandchildren.

SESSION FEE - £45.00

Up to 1 hour in the studio

Includes one complimentary 10x8 mounted print


Then choose one of the packages below:


Face to face photo viewing

ALL (15+) high resolution, fully edited images on a USB stick

10 mounted 10x8 prints of your choice (includes complimentary print)

One set of 5x4 prints of every image

High resolution slideshow with all your images

£100 credit towards any wall art purchase

Eyeconic app for your smart phone


Face to face photo viewing

10 high resolution, fully edited images on a USB stick

5 mounted 10x8 prints, from your chosen digital images

(includes complimentary print)


Face to face photo viewing

5 high resolution, fully edited images via download