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Below are some of the questions we get asked regarding newborn sessions, if your question isn't listed below, or if you'd like to discuss something in more detail, please do not hesitate to contact us.




When should I book my session?

Sessions can be booked anytime after your 20 week scan, earlier the better to avoid disappointment.

Please note newborn sessions are scheduled on weekdays only.



How do I book?

Contact us by using the booking form below or call us on 01275 837575.

We will provisionally book your session 1 week after your due date and re-arrange as necessary if baby is early or late, babies rarely come on time.

The non-refundable session fee needs to be paid to secure your booking. We will provisionally hold your date for 48 hours without payment but after this we have the right to release the date as sessions are limited.


How old should my baby be for a newborn shoot?

Ideally the session needs to take place when baby is between 7-14 days old, however if your baby is older than this please do not worry, we have successfully photographed babies in the newborn style up to 4 weeks..,

it’s just a bit more challenging.


What's the best time to bring my baby?

Our morning session is 10.30am and our afternoon session is 2.30pm, we have found the morning shoots seem to run more smoothly but we are happy to book whichever suits you and your family, we only take bookings for one newborn a day and a maximum of 3 per week.


How do I prepare for the session?

When you book your session we will email you a “How to Prepare’ information sheet.  This will have all the information you need to prepare both yourselves and your baby.


Will you be handling my baby?

Yes. Apart from feeding, Sarah will be cuddling, soothing and posing your baby the entire session.  Sarah is a mother of two and has been trained to handle your baby in the safest way, it is vital you have trust in her as your photographer. If you feel at all uncomfortable with the thought of Sarah handling your baby then a newborn photoshoot probably isn't for you. You will always be present during the shoot.


Why does the session take so long?

Your newborn session will be very calm, relaxed and will run at baby’s pace. Your baby is in charge! If she or he needs soothing or feeding this can take time and we like our sessions to be unrushed and calm.



Do I need to bring anything?

Milk, nappies, dummy (if using one) and a change of clothes for yourself (wee’s and poo’s happen when you have a naked baby) BUT if you forget something, don’t worry we have everything at the studio you could possibly need.

Please feel free to bring along special blankets, cuddly toys or any other prop you like to make your session unique to you.  Please let us know in your questionnaire (in your confirmation email) if you will be bringing props.


What happens if my baby cries?

Most babies cry for at least some of the session, this is perfectly normal and why we set aside so much time for the session. If for some reason your baby was really not feeling well that particular day and we were unable to get any shots at all (this is almost unheard of) we would reschedule.


What if my baby wee’s or poo’s on the blanket?

This is almost guaranteed and part of newborn photography.

All our items are washed after a session using Fairy non bio liquid.

Little tip to remove poo stain, wash it immediately in washing up liquid to remove the majority of the poo. 

Then wash as normal.  If some stain remains, hang the garment on the line in the sun and as it dries the stain should magically disappear!


Will my baby be safe?

Yes, absolutely. Please click HERE to be taken to our newborn safety page.


Can I bring my other children to the session?

Yes older children are welcome to the studio when booking the standard newborn package.

Some information on how to prepare them will be sent out to you upon booking.

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