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Eyeconic Newborn Photography - Bristol - Posing Saftey - BANPAS - TAOPAN



At Eyeconic the safety of your newborn baby is our primary concern. 


During newborn shoots you will have two photographers at your beck and call; one photographer and one 'spotter' giving you the added security that your baby is the safest hands possible.


As newborn photography grows in popularity it is even more important to choose a photographer that puts you at ease and ensures you that the safety of your precious newborn baby is of the utmost importance to them.  Your baby should never be put into a position that compromises their safety.


Many of our images are called 'composite' images which means two or more images are put together in Photoshop to achieve the final result.  Newborn babies are unable to hold their heads and therefore need to be supported at all times.  The image opposite demonstrates how we would do a composite image.


As well of lots of training in the UK and in America, we are a member of Banpas:-


'The Banpas Association promotes safe working practices and we are dedicated to ensuring your baby's comfort and safety takes priority whilst our members create beautiful images for you to treasure.'








Our experience goes beyond cameras, professional lighting and amazing photography of newborns — we are parents ourselves and have received formal training in safe baby posing. We want you to appreciate that your newborns’ safety is our priority.


Thank you for choosing Eyeconic to photograph your most precious gift.., your brand new baby!

Eyeconic Newborn Photography - Bristol - BANPAS - Posing Saftey
Eyeconic Newborn Photography - Bristol - BANPAS - Posing Saftey
Eyeconic Newborn Photography - Bristol - TAOPAN
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